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The Candle Club

The Candle Club


The Candle Club • The first rule of The Candle Club - always talk about The Candle Club! Every month is a brand new scent and cement vessel. Because it's fun and we like candles.

I lovingly call these Astro-Candles. All candles for 2024 will coordinate with the astrology forecasts, gemstone, and aromatherapy articles as found in The Energy Almanac (gemstone and aromatherapy articles were written by ME!).

Plan with the planets and geek out on astrology with me. I'm a Scorpio Moon, Cancer Sun, Cancer Rising (SO much water!). What are your Big 3? 



All Candle Club Orders & Subscriptions placed between 5/2-6/1 will be shipped on or before 6/7 and will receive June's Candle. (YAY!)



Feed your soul with flowers, friends and family during these summer nights. Release tensions, simplify, and turn the volume up on your happy thoughts. Be delighted as more and more joy makes its way towards you.

Top: Citronella
Heart: Camphor
Base: Cedarwood

Burn time: ~45 hours
Nt Wt. 8 oz 

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