Hey there! I'm Sara.

I am the maker of the cement vessels, the mixer of the fragrance, the pourer of the wax, and the sticker of the wick. I am the glitter fairy, the label creator, the gemstone hoarder... the whole shabang.

My sweet, sweet husband (Cody) is my free-labor-market-supporter, the order-packer-upper, and my biggest fan. (He's the real reason this whole thing keeps going.) His fav candle is Wild Heart, in case you were wondering.

Our crazy doggos (Ollie & Penelope) frequent my instagram feed and are probably the reason you'll find fur in your packing tape (sorry). 

Welcome to the Poppy Candle Collective! We love candles here. 

With love, 

Sara • Scorpio | Enneagram 4 | Swifty
Currently Reading: Heir of Fire, Sarah J. Maas 
Currently Watching: Survivor
Currently Loving: Walking.