April • Unapologetic.

April • Unapologetic.

Dearest April Readers, 

*Channeling my inner Lady Whisteldown*

I (we) have been at this candle thing for a little over 4 years now. (Whew!) 

Rewind 4 years. Poppy Mountain Rituals was born out of the pandemic - you know the year.

The Friday the world shut down was the exact same day I had graduated from a 6-month long 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. *Cool, cool.*

Long story short, candles became the vessel (pun intended) through which my creativity, voice, and authenticity were channeled. We were making intention candles!!

They were perfect! They were magic! They were just what I needed at the time. 

Over time, the "intention candle" scene was no longer serving me. Too serious. Too narrow. Too specific. Constricting. Suffocating. Candles couldn't possibly be this dramatic, but there I was. 

I felt small. You could probably feel that from me, too.  

And so it was time to change. 

Fast forward to today. Poppy Mountain Rituals >> Poppy Candle Collective. *Yay!*

While the name and look have slightly changed, this whole shift actually feels more like a homecoming. More aligned. More authentic. More me. More laughter. More play. More Taylor Swift. *Unapologetically.*

Same, same. But different.

And it feels good. I can breathe again. I hope you can feel it, too. 


Sara (+ Ollie, Penelope, and Cody) 

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