May •  Little sparks of magic

May • Little sparks of magic

Candles.. they're like these little sparks of magic, you know? They're like, ‘Hey, I’m here to bring some cozy vibes, and I don't care about your to-do list or your jean size. I'm just gonna keep on shining, making everything a little bit brighter.' -Love Always, Your Candle


Here are 10 little sparks of magic I'm adding to my life lately: 

1. Fantasy > Self-Help
I have traded in my self-help books for fantasy novels. It's not all smutty, but so what if it was?
2. Walking
I'm officially in my walking era.
If you know me, you know this is a big deal. My soul love running, but my knees and cortisol levels do not. And so.. we are finding ourselves again in a morning hike or an afternoon stroll. 
3. Intentionality 
Daily intention setting. Can't stop won't stop.
Every day: 3-things I intend to do or ways to show up that will make me feel good and aligned. Bonus points for adding an affirmations and gratitude into the mix. They key for me staying consistent with this is to not make this part of my day SO prescriptive otherwise it won't happen. 
4. Two words: Me time.* 
This can look like: a stretch sesh, watching a tv show, walking, reading, journaling, making candles, etc.
*Productivity is not a prerequisite
5. Socks
Let me explain.
I hate buying socks - it feels frivolous and expensive. It's a gamble and it is STRESSFUL. 
Hear me out. The only way I will know whether or not I like them is when I am 3 miles deep into a run but my socks are too squishy or too thin and now I have to figure out how to get back home and pray I don't get a blister or that my feet don't go numb. And I can't just like *return* worn socks so if I don't like them.
So now am I just stuck with them?! 
It's a whole thing. Very stressful. Very irrational. Anyways..
I bought myself new socks. I like them. It felt like a big act of self-care. It's the little things, you know?
On repeat. Anyone else? 
Currently can't get off of Robin ~ way to go Tiger ~ wilder and lighter ~
7. Packing Lunch
I feel so badass when I pack my lunch and/or like a little princess when my husband packs it for me (shout-out to Cody! ily). 
8. Use my words.**
Words are hard, you guys.
But if I don't communicate what I need, how will anyone ever know?
I can either be part of the process or accept the result. 
It's a practice. It's messy. It's not who we were taught to be. 
CTA: Ladies, let's make a pact. Let's communicate our needs, visions, goals, and strategies together/with each other. Not sure how? Let's figure it out together. 
Who's in?!  
**Permission to be messy. 
9. Dream Big. 
Making my dreams as limitless as possible.
10. Flowers
Keeping flowers on the table is a win-win when your friend owns and runs a her own local flower shop. It's women supporting women, it's friends supporting friends, and it's because I deserve a little treat. 
These little sparks of magic are giving me life these days and making my days just a little bit brighter. To be clear: It's not all comfortable or "easy". It's a big test of self-worth and a practice in delayed gratification. 



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