June + July

June + July

Hi, June. Bye, June.

Happy 4th! (How is it July!!??) 


  • Reading: Empire of Storms, Sarah J. Maas 
  • Listening: Funny Story, Emily Henry -- the cynical yet positive outlook on life feels relatable and like she's in my brain  
  • Feeling: Hot. Puffy. Inflamed. It's hot, you guys, and my ankles don't care who knows it. 
  • Experimenting: Cold plunging. More like pool water plunging. It's not that intense, but it's helping with the "feeling" category. 
  • Creating: New goals and new visions for this new phase of life. Also playing with linocut stamps, so that's neat. 
  • Cringing: The Presidential debate. Ew. 
  • Candle-related-ing: SO MANY NEW THINGS IN THE WORKS I CANT FREAKING WAIT TO SHARE IT ALL WITH YOU!!! Eeep!! Two words: Practical Magic.



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